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For Communities

Designed to accelerate COVID-19 testing in communities across the country.

Proven Science

TourHealth’s COVID-19 testing solution uses proven processes and technology tools.

Rapid Testing

Provide easy and secure testing and rapid results.

TourHealth Provides An On-site, Rapid, Turnkey Solution For Covid-19 Testing.

Designed to accelerate COVID-19 testing in communities across the country, our testing solution uses proven scalable processes and technology to ensure seamless, quick and secure testing.

Assessment And Engagement

Omni-channel digital solution provides information and guidance on when, how, and who should get tested

On-Demand Scheduling Notifications

Ability for individuals to quickly locate a testing site, schedule appointments, add to calendar, and receive notifications

Testing And Clinical Resources

State of the art mobile testing units staffed with credentialed clinical staff are scalable to immediate “hot spot” needs and changing locations

State And Federal Health Systems Integration

Rapidly provide testing results, statistical information and engagement back to government public health systems

Testing Made Simple

Six easy steps to follow to get tested for COVID-19

Step 1: Download

Download the Gov2Go app on your mobile device or through a browser.

Step 2: Locate

Open the Gov2Go app and find your preferred location

Step 3: Schedule

Schedule your appointment through the Gov2Go app

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Step 4: Check-In

Arrive for your appointment. Check-in at testing site

Step 5: Get Tested

Have a test administered for COVID-19 by clinical professionals


Results will be sent to your Gov2Go app as soon as they are available

Trusted By Many

TourHealth brings eighty combined years of expertise through the partnership between NIC, Impact Health and Next Marketing.

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NIC, Inc.

NIC, a leader in digital government for close to 30 years, serves more than 7,000 state, federal and local government agencies across the U.S.

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Impact Health

Impact Health combines over 5,000 trained healthcare staff, rigorous protocols and state of the art technology to provide turnkey healthcare services.

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Next Marketing

Next Marketing manages 2,600 events annually and brings 27 years of expertise that keeps lines short and wait times low.

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Common FAQs

Answers to your most frequent questions about TourHealth testing.

Download Gov2Go via the app store or register on the Gov2Go web platform. It is highly recommended that you pre-register before arriving at the test site. Once registered on Gov2Go you will sign up for the date and location where you would like to be tested.

If you live in a state currently offering COVID-19 testing, you will see the COVID-19 Testing service in the My Services section of Gov2Go. If you live outside of Florida, Kansas, or South Carolina, the COVID-19 testing services are not available for other states yet.

If you are visiting a state currently offering COVID-19 testing, change your Gov2Go profile location to any zipcode in the state in order to see the service in My Services.

A family member with a Gov2Go account can schedule additional family members for testing in Florida, Kansas, and South Carolina by selecting ‘I need to add another user”. Age minimums may apply and will vary by state. Everyone’s appointment will show up on the timeline for the Gov2Go account holder.

Yes, you will need an appointment before being able to take the test. Please download the Gov2Go app and sign up for an appointment time slot BEFORE arriving at the testing site. There are limited appointment times available and you will need to be signed up for one of those times to be tested. If you arrive at the testing site without an appointment it is highly likely you will not be able to be tested.

For your appointment please remember to:

  1. Please do NOT arrive more than 20 minutes prior to your appointment.
  2. Bring a picture ID with you and have proof of residency if your address is not current on your ID
  3. Contact with health department staff will be very limited.
  4. Please wear your mask over your nose and mouth; do not remove your mask unless instructed.
  5. Bring your cell phone with you. You will call to check in
  6. You will not have the opportunity to consult with medical staff
  7. Please blow you nose prior to arrival, dispose of the tissue, and sanitize your hands according to CDC guidelines.
  8. Upon arrival, please follow posted instructions and line up in your designated time slot.
  9. Please be prepared to turn off your vehicle during testing.
  10. Do not touch medical staff during the test or turn your head
  11. After the specimen in obtained, you will be asked to leave. Results will be made available on your Gov2Go timeline.
  12. If you cannot make your scheduled appointment, please update your appointment in the Gov2Go app.

Timing of tests vary but are generally available within 3 to 4 days.

You will receive notifications that your results are ready from Gov2Go via email and in-app messaging. You will also receive a text and mobile device badge if you have those turned on within your Gov2Go profile. Once you receive notification you will be able to access the results through your Gov2Go app in your timeline.

The fastest way to get your results is to register for TourHealth testing through Gov2Go. You can start the process by going to GetGov2Go.com or downloading the Gov2Go app.

If you test positive for COVID-19, know what protective steps to take if you are sick or caring for someone. Following these measures will help you stop the spread of COVID-19 to others. If you have an emergency warning sign (including trouble breathing), get emergency medical care immediately.

A negative test results means you probably were not infected at the time your sample was collected. However, that does not mean you will not get sick. The negative test result only means that you did not have COVID-19 at the time of testing. You might test negative if the sample was collected early in your infection and test positive later during your illness. You could also be exposed to COVID-19 after the test and get infected which would not be detected until after a follow-up test.​ Please follow the CDC guidelines for COVID-19 prevention. Also the CDC recommends that you know what protective steps to take if you are caring for someone who has tested positive for COVID-19.

You can take the test multiple times. If you believe you may have been exposed or want to re-take the test, simply book another appointment through the Gov2Go app.

This is a service being provided by the state.

This is a service being provided by the by the State of Florida, State of Kansas, and the State of South Carolina and there is no cost for getting tested.

Currently, this COVID-19 Testing is offered only in Florida, Kansas, and South Carolina. You must have a zip code in one of those states selected in your Gov2Go profile in order to see the COVID-19 Testing locations in those states.

Yes, tests are available for minors. A parent/guardian with a Gov2Go account can schedule additional family members for COVID-19 Testing by selecting the ‘I need to add another user’. Everyone's appointment will show up on the timeline for the Gov2Go account holder. It is strongly recommended that a parent/guardian accompany minors to the testing facility. Staffing will be limited and the guardian may need to assist with the collection of the specimen since staff are only allowed to perform the swab.

The only way to get results in writing is to register for TourHealth testing through Gov2Go. You can start the process by going to GetGov2Go.com or downloading the Gov2Go app.

TourHealth is currently providing tests intended to provide individuals with positive or negative results for coronavirus. You will receive your results via the Gov2Go app which is not currently printable. Please confirm prior to testing that you do not need a printable or PDF version of the tests for work, school or travel requirements.
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Our TourHealth Solution for COVID-19 testing runs on the Gov2Go app. Once you download the app, you’ll be able to assess symptoms, find testing locations, schedule tests and receive results.

In addition, the Gov2Go app was built to provide citizens with a one-stop platform to locate and engage with government services.

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You can also view the full list of participating locations to see if a test site is near you.

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